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The Pink Sarah Atelier
It is here that the precious materials, gathered from around the globe, take to life – they are fine fabrics, chosen above all for their fluidity & movement. At Pink Sarah it is always the fabric that is the basis for a new design and not the other way round.   The Pink Sarah “ready-to-wear” designs are often unique or made in limited editions. Each garment is individually cut & made with a perfectionist’s eye – the tiniest detail is important – each button chosen with care, each row of stitches… In addition, Sarah can create a ‘made-to-measure’ outfit, using a design from the Pink Sarah Collection as the starting point. Feel free to telephone or e-mail Sarah to discuss your requirements.
All the Pink Sarah clothes are made in the workshop – an 'atelier' in a little village in the countryside by the sea.
« An inspirational environment, which invites creativity »
Meticulously chosen accessories complete the Pink Sarah collection – handcrafted scarves & shawls, bags, hats and, of course, jewellery…   The hand-made jewellery of local artist Lisa Belaud ( compliments perfectly the simple elegance of the clothes. A passionate and imaginative designer, Lisa uses a wide variety of materials & found objects (buttons & beads, fabric & lace, leather, metal...) giving them another life through her unique creations.   The Pink Sarah Collection is displayed against a backdrop of original works by the acclaimed artist Philippe Bonnet. He has also succumbed to the charm of the region and now lives here permanently. "…in paintings of nudes, fragments of bodies and still-lifes, which have an intense luminosity and interiority of being… the delicacy of his line is exquisite…" Financial Times November 2007 or