The Designer
The Spirit of Pink Sarah
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The Pink Sarah Collection has a freedom of spirit – they are clothes that enhance life.   « Unstructured yet chic, fashionable yet timeless. » Women, themselves, are the inspiration for the collection – their way of life, their freedom of movement & expression… Flattering & comfortable, the designs have a simplicity of line that allows the fabric to sing.   The clothes are made using high quality natural fibres – silk, linen, wool, cotton & viscose – gathered from around the globe by a collector with a passion for textiles …there are magical silks from Laos… hand- printed indigo cottons from Rajasthan… mohair from a small farm in Normandy… and wonderful haute couture fabrics from the tiny streets that crowd the steps to the Sacré Coeur in Paris…   The simple elegance of the design is combined with the quality of the textiles in subtle, natural colours – pure white, classic black, stone, ecru… blues, greys & greens in the tones of the sky & the sea …
Sarah Leedam first created the Pink Sarah label in 1986 in New Orleans, USA. Following her return from her travels she started Pink Sarah London, which was based in Greenwich Arts & Crafts Market for 15 years.   Now the wind has changed once more and Pink Sarah has moved to the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy. During her sabbatical year sailing in France, Sarah fell in love with the region and couldn’t bring herself to leave...